17 Jan 2016

♡ 31. Shibuya party and I've been nominated for the Gaijin Gyaru Awards! ♡

How is everyone enjoying the first few weeks of the new year for me 2016 has started out great so far! And I'm sure it will have many great things to come. One of those things is the HYPER Shibuya Party.I'm so excited for this I can't wait the party with my gals! And celebrate the new year in style!

The event will be held on 6th of February in Rotterdam. There will be food and COCKTAILS! Some members of my gyarusa and I are planning to give a small ParaPara performance. I'm already super excited ad nervous about this haha. I haven't practiced ParaPara in a while but I look forward to dancing with my gyaru-sa!

HYPER gyaru-sa will also be hosting the Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016 at the event. The GGA used to be hosted by lhouraii but she quit due to understandable circumstances. I felt so sad when I heard this but luckily HYPER and GALVip have decided to revive it!  And I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for 2 categories Best Nails and Best Agejo Gyaru.

One of my favourite nails my pink zebra 'd.i.a' nails

One of my favourite agejo looks from last year

I feel so honored for being nominated especially since I've only been actively gyaru for 2 years. And competing with such beautiful gals who've been in the comm for years. I remember watching the GGA when I was still a little baby gyaru and being in awe of all the gorgeous gals and dreaming of being like them. That's why it would really mean the world to me if I could win. The voting closes 23th of January. So please click the link here and vote for me. I'll be really grateful, Thank you in advance  <3

I hope to see everyone a the Shibuya Party. Get your tickets here and let's party together!

30. ♡ Happy new year! Reminiscing 2015 ♡

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the holidays. I sure did I've been quite busy these last weeks but I really enjoyed spending more time with my family and loved ones. And reminiscing about the past year.  

29 Oct 2015

29. ♡ Graveyard Halloween Nails ♡

It’s almost Halloween and I just couldn’t resist making another set of Halloween nails!  .+:(^^)ノ゚.+:
This time I went for a more elaborate design and went with a sparkly graveyard theme.

12 Oct 2015

28. ♡ Spiderweb Halloween Nails ♡

It’s October and that means only one thing HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween~ I  just like everything about it, candy, watching horror movies on tv, parties. And for me it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and wear a costume! But what’s a Halloween costume without nails to match~ (^_-)-

Lately I’ve really gotten back into making nail art and have been making a nails almost every week. I’ve also started following a lot of Japanese nail artists to get inspired. And for the last 2 weeks my timeline has been flooded with Halloween nail art! Halloween nails are just so much fun.  You can go as crazy and goofy as you want. 

21 Sep 2015

27. ♡ Hyper's International Summer Meet ♡

Then the time was near the next day after the pre-meet it was finally time for the main event.  Gosh I was so excited and nervous. And just couldn’t decide what to wear.  Finally I decided to go for a old school agejo look with a ‘half up’ up-do. (*^^*)

30 Aug 2015

26. ♡ Hyper's International Summer Pre-meet ♡

On the 16th of July was the pre-meet of Hyper’s International Summer meet and Hyper organized a pre-meet dinner.  But Chris, Jojo, Anna and I met up with Kitai and Jasmine beforehand so we could all hang out in Utrecht together.  

12 Jul 2015

25. ♡ Save the date! Next weeks international gyaru meet in Utrecht! ♡

It’s been way too long since my last blog-post.  I’ve just been too busy with my internship, work and schoolwork. ( ; _ ; ) *ugly sobbing* But I hope things will start to settle down soon  so  I can blog more often seeing as I have so many things to blog about!  But I’m super excited about the international gyaru meet next week! I bought my ticket 2 weeks ago.

It will be the first international meet I will attend. I must confess I’m a little nervous, I get quite shy and self-conscious around new people.  And I’m always afraid that people won’t like me or that I will say something awkward.  ><
But I hope to meet a lot new people and make new friends! I’m really looking forward to the event seeing as the program sounds really awesome and I can’t wait to party with my gal friends! (o^^o)